Avi in the Media

Gm Of Marriott Hotel On Tv About The Benefits Of Delivering Delight Program

Marriott's Greg Allen shares how Laughing Gurus workshops boosted staff collaboration, creativity and fostered a positive approach to challenges.

Delight Operating System

Avi discusses the profound effects of delight and kindness on happiness and health, exploring leadership qualities that nurture positive environments.

Can You Train Yourself To Deal With Difficult Times?

Avi shares his journey from a reactive "airplane mode" mindset to a positive, connected "light mode," emphasising solution-focused thinking, grace towards others and owning mistakes.

Weekends: Delivering Delights In Organisations

Glenn Van Zutphen speaks to Avi about how leaders can lead effectively by building a delightful culture.


How to upgrade your employer brand to attract and retain the best talent.

Values: Who Practices Them And Who Claims Them?

The importance of truly implementing a company's values in its daily practices. (article in Spanish)

United Airlines, Artificial Intelligence, And Donald Trump:

Reawakening values in the era of fake service, fake reality and fake news.

Values, Values On The Wall, Just Do Business And Forget Them All:

Wells Fargo, Volkswagen and others in the hall.

Operation Boomerang

Let gracefulness activate good karma to bring them back to you.

Switching Off The Always-On Culture

Redefining work-life balance in the modern workplace.

The Mathematical Formula For Balanced Parenting

Happy tips, inspirational and fun ideas to elevate your personal and family's HQ (Happiness Quotient).

Values, Values On The Wall: Who Practises, Who Recalls?

The disparity between organisations' stated values and their actual practice.

What S’pore Can Learn From Emotional Philippines?

Learning from cultural differences in well-being.

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